Various Therapies Available

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Reiki Session

This traditional Japanese healing technique works with the body’s natural energy fields to aid in relaxation, stress reduction, and physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
The treatment is done on a comfortable massage bed, fully clothed laying on the back.
I work through a specific sequence of hand placements, working mostly in the Auric field, the treatment includes essential oils and sound bath for relaxation and deep healing.

R650 | 60 – 75 minutes

Crystal Reiki

Enjoy a relaxing 60 minute Reiki therapy session releasing stress and tension within a grid of carefully placed gemstones over and around the body. The crystals amplify and direct energy within the session assisting with deep movement of energy for a powerful experience.

The treatment is done on a comfortable massage bed, fully clothed laying on the back.

R650 | 60 – 75 minutes

Theta Session

Remove limiting beliefs and re-program the subconscious mind with more appropriate programs to offer you expansion and alignment with your true potential and purpose.
Working deeply to root out core beliefs which are limiting you, these sessions always bring much of the self to the surface allowing clients to be able to see the bigger picture about their habits and behavioural patterns.

Using Kinesiology to test the belief system is practical, fast and intense and works on a very deep level.

R850 | 90 - 120 minutes

Theta Session

This therapeutic massage is ideal for those who suffer from old injuries or chronic pain. Deep tissue massage improves circulation to flush toxins from the muscles, to promote healing and full body wellness with the use of crystals to work on an energetic and physical level.

R550 | 60 minutes

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing

Balance the energy centres to bring alignment and clarity. The work is done with Reiki energy, oils, singing bowls. A short and effective re-alignment offers an energetic punch.

R450 | 30 minutes

Private Meditation Sessions

Meditation classes suited to your needs, meditation is an ancient practice which allows the mind space to settle. A consistent meditation practice facilitates clarity of the mind and allows us to access a sanctuary of peace and calm.

R450 | 60 minutes

Hatha Yoga

Yoga lessons designed to suit your body, goals and specific needs, in the comfort of your home. Hatha is a static practice and will help align and heal body ailments.

R450 | 60 minutes

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is designed to release stress and trauma from the body through a series of simple and effective movements, using props and weight to bring the nervous system back into balance.

R480 | 75 minutes

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